Friday, 30 March 2012

the experiment

Its time to start the experiment.  Its all about food .... Gluten Free food!
After my last blood tests for cholesterol etc, I was good for a little while only.  Then came the nights out, the Tapas Bar and Restaurant week,  I haven't been good at all and I have suffered for it.
Lets not talk about the alcohol which I have been consuming copious amounts of, but lets talk about gluten.  I thought it was only wheat that I had developed an intolerance to, but nope its gluten.   It made me bloated and gassy which wasn't very pleasant at all.
So I have decided to experiment, to avoid gluten as much as I can for one month and see if it makes a difference.  I also have declared a one month ban on alcohol.  Well maybe not a total ban.  a drink now and again cant be all that bad!
So for the last few days I have been really good and trying to avoid gluten, and its not that easy...... no cakes, biscuits, malted stuff and there is a debate about Oats having gluten as well.  Our Supermarket does stock some gluten free food and I also bought a packet of "bake your own gluten free bread"  which I have yet to bake.  
Will I make it through one month of gluten free food?  Will it make a difference to my gassy moments?  
Well one can only try!

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