Saturday, 17 March 2012

holding hands

Sitting in a fast food joint having lunch and watching the world go by..... bliss for a weekday afternoon.  Made possible by the fact that the company sent me on a 4 day course on safety in the workplace.  So lunch time was different this last week.  I could go out and relax and watch the world as I ate.
  The lunch crowds in town are different from the crowds  I see in the area where I work.  Here in town they were better dressed and better looking.....yes I did look at the gorgeous young men around... I am human!  Women in the designer shoes and handbags, harried mothers with kids in tow (it was the school holiday time). Tourists looking lost or just wandering around looking.
It was interesting,  and one particular couple caught my eye.  Obviously tourists, an older couple, probably a bit older than me, and they were walking, talking and holding hands.  They looked happy, content and secure in each others company.  and did I mention they were holding hands....
That has got to be the most special thing for me, holding hands.  You hold your child's hand when they are young, when walking with them.  Its a sense of security for both mother and child.  For lovers and partners, its like wanting that person to be by your side.  Its recognising that your lover or partner is yours, that those hands  when linked, can do it all together.
I noticed that couple because I miss holding hands......

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