Wednesday, 21 March 2012

child free flights

Wouldn't it be wonderful if they had either child free flights or child free sections on planes??
I have nothing against the young adults, toddlers or infants that share the aircraft with me, except when they start kicking the seat in front and I am sitting in that seat, screaming because they are tired cos mum and dad thought a 6am boarding was fine for the children, simply throwing tantrums, running up and down the aisle...... the list of complaints can go on.
Yes I know that they are people too and have the right to travel with their parents and they need to move around and be occupied just like everyone else..... but everyone else doesn't scream and yell when its bedtime, or if they cant have their favourite toy!
Perhaps we could have child free sections, and no I am not talking business class or first class, cos most of us travel cattle class and bloody hell its time someone took notice of us back there!
So why not, why cant they allocate seats just for families and children, and let them annoy each other with the crying, screaming, kicking.  Let mum and dad get a taste of their own medicine.
It would be just like the hotels or restaurants that have openly branded themselves as child free places....
So why not child free sections on flights?  I don't really have a problem with the child being there, what I don't like is that parents seem oblivious to the noise, nuisance and mayhem that the precious ones create. Parents should start realizing that the rest of mankind isn't used to temper tantrums and noise created by these little humans.  we don't think its fun or cute to have junior hanging over the seat and staring at us while he/she picks away at his/her little nostrils.  I have children and they didn't misbehave and no I didn't smack them in public or threaten them in any way to keep them quiet and well behaved.
So all parents of unruly misbehaved children, perhaps one day you may find yourself in the back of the plane all in a class of your own and the rest of us can actually enjoy our flying experience.

UPDATE:  I read in today's papers (13th April)  that an Asian Airline actually has been misquoted by a Regional Travelers magazine  about child free sections on the upper deck of the A380's!  Oh my if only that quote wasnt misquoted!!

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