Sunday, 11 March 2012

feeling sorry for myself day

Today I have declared it to be "feeling sorry for myself day"  I will stay home in my pyjamas, do nothing except eat, watch useless television, ignore the son and pout as much as I want.
I think it started yesterday, this feeling sorry for myself thing.
First it was the handyman's no show
then the tailor - the man from India that comes around once a month to sell us material to make lovely Punjabi suits.  well its been months since I gave my orders but the damn suits still don't fit!  they were 6 inches off on the sides and it looked like I was wearing a sack.  So he has to redo them and hopefully this week I will be able to finally wear my new suits.  I still hope!!
Then it was my sister in law,  it was something she said.  she has maids, works half a day teaching, doesn't do any household chores except to drive to the supermarket and load up for a weeks worth of groceries and yesterday she said she loves her weekends so that she can do nothing except sleep and watch TV.  That was her reality I guess, not mine and it put into perspective that she has no idea how the other half lives.
And lets not forget the son, today he will be reminded that this isn't a hotel (unpaid one at that)  and he either shapes up or he can move out.
So I am off to enjoy my feeling sorry for myself day or perhaps I should call it "I am a bitch today, approach with caution!"

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