Wednesday, 21 March 2012

buttons for pregnant women

I think all pregnant women should wear buttons to tell the word that they are pregnant.  At least that will take away the guesswork on trains and buses.  Then we don't have to wonder if she is pregnant or just fat.
It is an insult to those of us that get offered a seat when we aren't pregnant.  And no so far it hasn't happened to me but I know I will be  mortified if someone stood up to give me a seat thinking I was pregnant, when i wasn't!
In this day and age of information overload, this could just be one other way to get a message out there fast and effectively.  After all we want the information given to us in a clear, concise and unobtrusive way.
A button on a woman's clothing telling the world that she is pregnant and needs to sit down, will take the heat off her and the person who cant decide to stand up and offer the seat.   No interaction is required except for the person to stand up and say politely " I see you are pregnant and need a seat, please take mine"  how easy is that!  No mistakes, no fuss.
The buttons could be given  out at hospitals, doctors offices, train stations, the list is endless.  it could also be a charity project, sell them to raise funds for children hospitals or orphanages.  The possibilities are endless.....

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