Thursday, 29 March 2012

i miss gardening

I miss gardening...
When i was married and living in Malaysia, which seems like a different life altogether, i used to have a garden.  It was my escape in a way, go out there among the plants, weeding, potting, watering, trimming, or simply just admiring the flowers and enjoying the garden.  I had the time to spend out there away from the husband with a very valid excuse to go do things in the garden.  in a world of pots and dirt and flowers I was happy, able to let my mind wander as I sat on a little stool weeding the japanese roses or trimming the ferns.
I have an aunt who used to escape very much like I did.  Her garden was and still is magnificent with fruit trees and flowers growing with abandon.
Now I live in high rise Singapore and with the layout of my home, I dont get alot of direct sun coming into the flat.  I have tried to grow some plants, if the cat hasnt eaten it, they die because of the lack of sunlight or I simply seem to have lost my touch!
As a child I used to play alot in the garden, pretending that the plants were vegetables and I was cooking up an elaborate meal with exotic ingredients.  I had an old shoe box that was my pot and I would sit under a bush talking to myself about the food I was preparing. Escaping into my own little world.
I miss that.  I miss the time I could spend outdoors pottering in the garden.  I miss being able to sit under a tree and dream and let my mind wander.  I miss being able to escape

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