Thursday, 16 May 2013

So Miss Jolie had a double mastectomy

Its probably the hardest thing for a woman to have to go through, Breast cancer, and opt to have her breasts removed.
I have seen two women in my life get diagnosed and have a mastectomy.

I have seen the scars of what a mastectomy does to a woman.

I think Ms Jolie is very brave to go through all of this to make sure she stays alive for her family, I applaud her for this.  But
I want to know how much it cost her
I wonder if her decision to do the double mastectomy, reconstruct  her breasts and save her nipples and nerves, to still look like a woman  (lets face it we all equate our breasts with womanhood) would have been different if she didn't have access to the best surgeons money can buy.......

The majority of women out there, and the lower income bracket, will not have access to the best surgeons.  We only have our insurance companies (and that's also not all of us) and they wont be patting us on the back and reassuring us that re-constructive surgery will be paid for by them.  If you are like me, well then, the insurance company wont even pay if I do get breast cancer and any treatment will be out of my own pocket. So  if I get breast cancer, I am fucked.  And the threat of that for me is real.

Maybe I am reading too much into her announcement, she was told she carries the cancer gene and she took effective steps to lessen the inevitable.  Brave woman, as her body is part of her image that created her whole celebrity status.  I am glad that one woman had the strength to fight back and fix herself for her family.

but there is this niggling thought at the back of my head too, that money does buy everything.

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