Thursday, 23 May 2013

Domesticity or I cant be bored so have started projects at home

I knew I was going to get bored, doing nothing at home ( cooking, cleaning and laundry don't count as doing anything) so decided to get a few projects going around the home.
If you have been reading my blog, you would know that last year I got it into my head that I needed a brand new kitchen.  Well, after chasing some designers around and finding out that it cost two arms and a leg for a whole new kitchen, I put that idea into my back pocket.

With time on my hands I figured I could start on some of the repairs and take my brothers advice to varnish and update the kitchen cabinets instead of selling my arms and leg on eBay to raise money for the kitchen.  And of course its not me doing the work, but a contractor to do that for me, plus he will also add in more electrical points in the kitchen, change some lights for me, change the bathroom doors and build a new pantry cupboard.

kitchen cabinets, before
cabinets after
Work started yesterday on the varnishing and my kitchen is now a no go area and I have varnish fumes wafting through the flat, but I am so excited  ( must be the fumes that I am inhaling that are making me so light headed)  that the kitchen is going to look nice again.

After this I think I may paint the living room and my bedroom, and this time it will be me doing the work.....need to keep doing stuff, cant be bored......

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