Friday, 31 May 2013

its the race thing again

I am annoyed, really annoyed today

this article appeared in our national papers today talking about Asian and Singaporean women and a new TV show that dealt with dressing in our humid weather and using the right make up.
Now, I am Asian and I am Singaporean but I wont be watching the show as I don't speak Mandarin, why, because I never learnt it
I could have but in school  I was herded into learning Malay as Punjabi was not offered as a subject until much later and the only Indian language offered was Tamil and I wasn't Tamil either..  In our schools we have to learn our 'mother tongue' meaning Chinese kids learn mandarin, Malay kids lean Malay, Indian kids learn which ever Indian language they speak.................. where was I.......

oh yes the article
so I wrote to the editor, here's my email
Dear Gladys

I am a huge fan of the Urban supplement with my Friday edition of the Straits Times.
Today however I was a little annoyed, at the generalisation of  the words Asian and Singaporean in your note from the editor.
It is obvious that you seem to have forgotten that the programme you talk about is for Chinese Singaporeans and not the rest of us in the minority
we are however still Asians and Singaporeans
When did Singapore become just for the Chinese
perhaps you should have been more specific in your promotion of the show for Chinese Singaporeans.  

I quote " As a viewer, I want to feel connected to the local women who are representing my fashion and beauty woes and concerns on the show"

As a Singaporean and Asian woman, I too seek the same as you, but if my national paper/journalists forget that Singapore's  makeup is diverse, what are the rest of us to do?

respectfully yours

Notice I did end with a respectfully yours.  I did get a reply which has eased my annoyance a very very little bit...

Dear Puteh,
Thank you for your email and sharing your thoughts.
In my editor's note, I have indeed missed out on the point that the Lady First programme is only understood by those who speak Mandarin. I will keep these sensitivities in mind in future.
I shall be writing to Starhub to suggest that they add English subtitles to the show.
Because most of the tips and advice that are dished out on the show apply to all local women regardless of race.
They talk about dressing right for your bodyshape and the sticky humid local weather, the most effective skincare products and massage and application techniques that will benefit all women.
Gladys Chung

Am I too sensitive about race and do I read too much into the little things?
or have I just had it with the majority forgetting that nude makeup/bras/shoes is only nude on fair/white skinned women!!

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