Friday, 17 May 2013

11.36 Waterloo to hampton court

I love the transport system in London.  It's has its delays and breakdowns and of course the odd person falling off the platform in front of an oncoming train, but other than that it runs on time. They even have a website for the tube that gives uptodate information on the delays and service on each of the tube lines. It's like my bible now, first thing in the morning I check which lines are down or running properly to plan my journey. On Thursday I headed to Green Park station and onward to Waterloo, to get my train for my days exploration.
 At exactly 11.36 the rain pulled out of Waterloo station on its way to hampton court.
entrance to Hampton Court
The journey took half an hour and once you get to Hampton Court Station, it's walking distance to the palace. You walk out of the station and cross a bridge and there it is! This medieval palace that has been there for 500 years!

There were many like minded people who wanted to explore the palace and three different groups of school children but once I got my audio guide I was lost in my own little world. The crowds faded away like the old tapestries that hung in the great hall, becoming just a part of the furniture.
Windows near the Kitchens

I had a brilliant day out exploring the old palace of Henry VIII, wandering around the grounds and imagining the kings and queens that walked the halls and passageways.

The Great Hall

William III wing

View from the Gardens

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