Sunday, 26 May 2013

Apparently after repairs comes the cleaning

Cabinets varnished, electrical points done
Next week the bathroom doors get changed and the new lights get fixed.......Now its time to clean the shining 'new' cupboards.
I never realised. I had so much junk, and I really mean junk.
Things I collected because it was free/looked cute/I will use it one day type of things.

My flat is on the 13th floor overlooking a busy intersection, there is constant noise and dust from the traffic. To make matters worse, there is construction going on at my block of flats. (we are getting a lift on each floor, when the government housing unit built the flats, they didn't think people would want a lift stopping on each and every floor.  or was it just poor planning and lack of common fucking sense)
But lets not blame the ongoing construction for the dusty state of the cupboards, I just haven't cleaned because I found better use of my free time, like being a couch potato.

So now with the new pantry cupboard, and the varnishing of the old cupboards done, I have had to delve deep into the dusty abyss which are my kitchen cupboards and restore them all to shining glory.
I managed to do half yesterday, only because I would stop and rearrange things, clean glasses and marvel at the things I actually had!  It took longer than I anticipated so the coming week (today is Sunday and I need to relax!) will see the continuation of me living out my fantasy of being a domestic goddess...

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