Friday, 17 May 2013

Train to Edinburgh

We left Inverness by train in the afternoon, headed for Edinburgh.
the view from the train
I wish I was poetic enough to describe the breathtaking views, but all I can say is that it was like a visual orgasm!
We had to change trains at Perth to get to Edinburgh, but when the train was approaching the station, we suddenly stopped and were told that there was a problem as a freight train had damaged the tracks and we couldn't pull up just yet. We had a connection to catch and the conductor that walked through the train assured us that our connection would wait for us. We pulled into a different platform, and ran with our luggage to the other platform for our connecting train.  There was no train
 It had left!
There were at least 25 of us and when we were told we could get another train on platform 1 ( we were on platform 5) we all hurried off to trek across. 4 platforms, up stairs...... Until one man came back and said that that train had also left without us!

By now as one can imagine, we were all pretty pissed off.  We were finally told that we could either wait for the next train that would arrive in an hour or take the taxis they were arranging for us.
We took the taxi.
I did however get plenty of pictures of the scenery through the train window.......

Last 2 pictures are in Edinburgh, grassmarket and the castle.

Perth Station

Grassmarket Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle


  1. Good job, my dear Puteh!!!! i miss you very much... call me when you are back k? i have so, so much to talk to you...

    1. It has been amazing....... Three weeks to go.
      Will call you soon, get FaceTime activated on your phone and we can chat earlier.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Many photos taken there turn out looking dreary but yours are lovely!