Friday, 17 May 2013

Edinburgh to Luton....then London

I do fly budget from time to time but it is something i hate and dread but we flew Easy Jet to and from Scotland, and I was quite impressed with the airline....
The airport security however is another story
We got to Edinburgh airport on time and check in was a breeze.  The security clearance however, was    just one big god awful mess.

They only had two lanes open to scan every single passenger, with every passenger taking out every gel and liquid, and I stress that I think passengers that wait till they get to the counters to start taking everything out of their bags are part of the problem, They obviously missed the four hundred signs all over the place telling them to put their shit in those little ziplock bags, and instead of doing it while in line, they opt to wait till they get to the counters and hold up the line while they rummage through, pulling out their shit from every single pocket of their bags.
Ok rant over

The lines were slow, the passengers slower, and clueless about how to return those big trays that one places ones shit in to run through the scanner....ok so rant isn't over.....

We waited in line for about 50 minutes, and this doesn't include the line we had earlier where we had to scan our boarding passes to get into the security area, which is where confusion met the unholy mess in the first place, but let's not go there now.
We finally cleared security with 5 minutes to spare before gates closed for our flights.  We had to run to our gate...and those that know me, know that I can't run! Seriously I can't, with having asthma all my life,  running made me breathless so I just never ran, and my sons also tell me I run funny, so I just, don't, run......

But we made it by the skin of our teeth........
Easy jet might have been easy, the airport security however wasn't!

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