Friday, 17 May 2013

campaign for piss free toilet seats

I started a post sometime back on the state of toilets in Singapore, about a week before I left for London.  I didn't publish the post thinking that I would go back to it once I got home......
The post laments the condition of our public toilets......
Singapore as a developed first world cosmopolitan nation has disgusting toilets.  The majority of its citizens have the idea that as long as its public space, one can treat it like shit...... This is evident in our campaigns for kindness, courtesy, clean toilets, washing hands..... The list goes on.

I have used all sorts of public toilets and in the UK I have used them in train stations, bus stations, airports, restaurants, tourist attractions to name a few and even with tourists galore, the toilets are still better than what we get  at home.....
Women will not sit on toilet seats in public toilets, why you may ask.....because 9 out of 10 times the woman before her, would have hovered above the seat and splashed pee all over the seat.

Here's what I would like to see in each cubicle in each public toilet for women everywhere, a little dispenser with a gel or liquid sanitizer that we can clean the seat before we sit down.  As women we can then teach other women how to use that and not hover and fucking pee all over the place and leave the toilet clean for the next person......


  1. Amen! The hover-pee-splash thing happens often in the US too and it drives me crazy. It's much more healthy if everybody would just sit properly and wipe the seat after them if they do get a drip on the seat now and then. We have seat covers, but they're worthless. A dispenser of clorox wipes would be much better, I think.

    1. We have those sanitiser dispensers in the toilets at the airport. I wish we had them everywhere. A campaign to educate women may be required too!