Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Packing or as I like to say, why the fuck did I buy so much

So I started packing this afternoon, i dont usually pack so early before a journey but as I did go shopping while here for a few bits, I knew I was going to be in trouble with the weight thingy.
It's ridiculous that they put restrictions on long term travel tickets
They should give those with  a longer duration ticket, more weight allowance!

Agatha, yes I named the phone

I shopped for a few things, well more than a few things......
 First there is Agatha, that old phone I bought, then there is the nighties and pajamas which are presents, chocolates, and of course I did buy a new coat, and some new clothes.
With every purchase the weight increased, to the point where I have had to box 5 kilos of clothes to either send via post or add it to excess luggage.
When will I learn!


  1. Somebody said to me yesterday, how are you going to get your excess luggage back, I said, that's called a Post Office. xxx

  2. yes! but I took it to the airport to put it on the place as excess luggage, it would have been cheaper, but they let me through as it wasnt a full flight!