Tuesday, 14 May 2013

i am grateful for....

  •  nice people, like the lady at the check in desk that let my excess baggage weight of 5kg (the box) with extra clothes on the plane at no cost!  I stressed and stressed about the fact that I probably had to pay and was prepared for it and  this lovely lady at the counter smiled, weighed all my luggage and the box and just let it through!
  • cold spring weather in London
  • 6 weeks of no humidity and gorgeous looking hair as there was no humidity to frizz it all up
  •  My brother for picking me up from the airport
  •  my sister and her partner for letting me crash their home for 6 weeks
  • razor blades, as I need good ones to shave my legs (haven't had a razor touch my legs for the last month, I wont mention the other bits that need tending and trimming!)
  •  my sense of humour, if not, the sons texts which I received when I switched on my phone after landing, of  no toilet paper and no food in the house would have sent me off the edge.....oh and of course the text about the laundry didn't help but.....
  • the hugs and kisses I got when I left London and the ones I got when I reached home.
  • the lovely Lena that cleaned while I was away  and the fact that the son paid for Lena's services!
  • air-conditioning in my room.....its just too hot in Singapore!
  • not needing to wear shoes as my feet are swollen and the toes look like fat sausages

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