Friday, 29 March 2013

my new toy

So I got a new toy to accompany me on my travels.
On Wednesday afternoon I became the proud owner of an Ipad.
The road to acquiring it was of course fraught with anxiety and annoyance.....

I wanted the Ipad 2, not the new generation with the retina display Ipad, just the old Ipad 2.  The first shop I went into didn't have it, it was there on display but nope they didn't have it in stock.
It was there proudly on display in the next shop I went into, but just not there for me to own one just yet.
After two failed attempts,  I got a little smarter, I called the next shop and sure enough they didn't have it in stock either.
I called a friend, one that I knew would point me in the right direction.
Order it on line she said.
So I did.
I also ordered a couple of accessories to go with it.
Online shopping is just not me, I like having my purchases with me as soon as I pay for it, so ordering my much anticipated Ipad online drove me quite batty.  Here I was desperate to get my hands on one and I did but I had to wait to touch it.
What I liked though was that I could track where my purchases were, which was some relief as I wasn't sure I would get the Ipad before I leave on Saturday.
On Tuesday accessory one arrived.
On Wednesday accessory two arrived and still no sight of the main prize.
Then late on Wednesday it Finally arrived.
All shiny and new in its box, waiting for me to get my fingerprints all over the shiny new screen, and I duly obliged!


  1. Have fun with your toy. So much better than lugging around a bunch of books in a suitcase!