Friday, 8 March 2013

Plant vs Page

I have 4 concerts to attend in the next two weeks.
My musical odyssey kicks off tonight with the Mosaic Festival and Joss Stone.  On Monday night I will be listening to Gilbert O Sullivan ( I am showing my age and the fact that I actually listen to pop!)  Gilbert O Sullivan is a 60 something, piano playing Irishman  (someone from my generation) who writes and sings cheesy pop songs.  Its a blast from the past, its me going to listen to songs from my uninitiated early days when things were simpler.

On the 21st and 22nd of this month is the Rock and Roots Festival.  Robert Plant is coming, from Led Zeppelin!  I wish it was the original Zeppelins but alas only three survive ( Drummer John Bonham died in 1980, although his son Jason did play drums for the reunion tours a few years ago)
Plant isn't my favourite Zeppelin, that of course is Jimmy Page.  I seem to have a fetish (if you can call it that) for guitar playing long haired skinny white men.  I would drop my knickers for one of those anytime!
(I am an old groupie!!)  Plant was a sexy wild haired gorgeous man (skinny and white as well) that could make any woman cream her pants just by fixing his smouldering gaze on her!
Jimmy Page however was the virtuoso, coaxing sounds from his guitar that made you weep.
The silent man on stage with the equally wild hair, matching Plants vocals chord for chord.

I will do a round up of all the concerts, especially after the Rock & Roots as Bonnie Rait and Paul Simon, Jimmy Clift all perform as well.

Will I feel over the hill, watching my heroes from a long time ago or will I feel like taking my top off and flashing my boobs at Robert Plant!


  1. I'm jealous! And, yes, please give us an update afterward.

    PS - I vote for flashing Plant :)

    1. If you read about an older woman getting arrested in straight laced Singapore for flashing her boobs at a concert, you'll know who it was!