Monday, 11 March 2013

men in pink.....

I was running a few errands on Saturday,  filling up my prescription to make sure I would have enough meds for my trip which include my supplements, one does not want a menopausal breakdown while away, and because I was afraid of being late for the doctors appointment, I actually forgot my mobile at home.
I was at the bus stop when I realised I had left it on my bedside table.
My first reaction was " Fuck!" and if I hadn't been running late for the doctors, I would have gone home to get it..
The first hour was hard, I kept hearing phantom phone beeping and feeling phantom vibrations in my handbag. It did get a bit better after that but I didn't relax or forget about the phone, I did wonder all bloody day about who would have tried to call/text me.
But that's not the point of this post.  The point of this post is that I sat down at lunch time, in a high pedestrian traffic area, watching people.

Men in pink.
Is it some kind of fashion statement or  the new 'it' colour for men?  Sure some men look good in pink  (No they don't actually) but that rather large man, with a well sculpted rotund belly would have been less conspicuous in another colour.  Of course people can wear what they like etc etc, but the pink explosion should have spared the men.  Seriously.

Men carrying their wives/girlfriends handbags
one word.  WHY?  why would a man do it.  Why do women subject their men to it? Its not like the bags are too big and heavy, I see some men carrying tiny silly looking bags as well.  Its just wrong!  Men,  grow some balls and tell those stupid women to carry their  own shit.

Head down, looking at video clips on mobile phone while walking
that's taking multi -tasking too far.  Do we really need to watch that video while trying to walk through a crowded shopping mall?  One man stood waiting patiently in front of this girl who didn't seem to notice she had stopped walking until she looked up to see a man waiting for her to get out of the way!  It was funny, really funny to see her reaction!  I am very afraid for these people, that one day,  they will walk in front of a bus or car or fall into a manhole!  Maybe they deserve it...

I cant not mention the fashion faux pas,  that is the camel toe.  My sister has a few words to say about women that get it wrong
"They don't have mirrors"
"They obviously don't have friends, cos a friend will not let her walk around like that"
and I agree.  If I ever walked around flashing my vagina (well technically its my labia but...)  at the world I would like my friends to stop me and tell me to put that thing away!

All in all an interesting day with men in pink with handbags and women flashing!

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