Wednesday, 13 March 2013

nothing in life is certain

I posted an entry yesterday about part 1 of my  musical odyssey and lamented that I missed seeing Deep Purple in concert.
I posted it early as all my attempts of getting someone to go with me for the concert failed.  My brother who would have loved to go with me, had recently come out of hospital and  is recovering  from Dengue fever.  My cousin who also would have gone with me at the drop of a hat, had a bad back (he better get better as he is going with me to the Rock & Roots festival next week) Mr NZ, isn't here, he is off in the wilds of Africa working, and well A, yes he is still around somewhat, wasn't interested to go.

So I posted my entry yesterday crestfallen that I would miss Ian Gillain, Ian Paice and Roger Glover (3 of the members that were in the band when it had its biggest hits)

At 10 minutes to 5 yesterday evening, I got a message from son no 2
" I just got given 2 tickets to Deep Purple.  You want em?"

Of course I wanted them!  but the dilemma was who would go with me? Cousin with the bad back said OK he would go.  So I had to go meet son at train station after work to get the tickets and when I got there, he said he too would go if cousin with bad back couldn't.  So from being forlorn and miserable about missing the concert on Monday,  to having two people who would go with me and we had complimentary tickets!  The pictures are not so good, my point and shoot camera (yes I had a camera with me as was downloading the pictures for yesterdays posts in the office, yes I know I am supposed to be working in the office and not updating my blog but seriously who cares) is quite old and limited but I was over the proverbial moon!

Paice on drums, Gillain vocals, Glover bass, Airey keyboards & Morse lead  guitar
Ian Gillian at 67, still rocking
complimentary ticket

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