Wednesday, 20 March 2013

last day at work

So Thursday will be my last day of work.
I started my 'career' in events quite by accident.  My brother and his friends started an event management  company in 1996 and I worked for them on and off for a couple of years helping them out when they were short handed and when I was in-between jobs. It then became a full time job. I'd like to think I was hired as they thought me competent but I think it was because I was the only other person they knew who would work for so little and  knew how to use a computer and Microsoft excel!

From then till now I moved to two other event management companies, leaving the company my brother helped start after 9/11 (he sold his shares before that though)  I have enjoyed my work even with the  long hours and quick turnaround times for all projects,  but the work gave me that injection of adrenaline that made me feel alive!  I got to travel to many places and meet all sorts of people.   It is however a thankless job and every time I attend any sort of event I feel for the planners as I know what it takes to have an event run without a hitch (most of the time delegates don't realise when things go wrong anyway!)

It was fun while it lasted but its time to move on.  I have achieved mostly everything that one can in this industry short of opening my own  company but then I doubt I would ever do that as I really hate doing events.   This last job was never right and although I enjoyed the work, there just wasn't enough to keep me occupied.    My mind was seriously  developing into mush, and that's how this blog actually got started (apart from the fact that I desperately needed an outlet for all those voices causing a ruckus in my head)  Most days I would write while in the office as I had nothing to do.

I am sad in a way to close one door, leaving a job and industry that I have flourished under for the last 15 years, but I am positive about the future.  Positive about the endless opportunities and possibilities that lie in wait for me, its just that I have to reach out and grab them!

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