Tuesday, 12 March 2013

the music odyssey..... part 1

Two concerts down and two to go

Joss Stone - What a voice!  Oh my what a fucking voice.  With legs up to her armpits, long blonde hair and gorgeous, shit if I was a man I'd be mesmerised with that beautiful soul goddess.
We are starved of good quality concerts at affordable prices, some of our festivals like Mosaic, bring in great performers for a lower fee.  I applaud our festival organisers for bringing in this powerhouse.  My only little bit of disappointment was that she didn't sing any Janis Joplin songs.

Gilbert O Sullivan
I realised within 2 seconds of his opening song that I am so over the pop period of my youth.  The simple pop melodies bored me to tears and while some people were up and dancing to his music, I just wanted him to finish his set so that I could go home.  My music tastes have evolved and I guess it took a silly little pop performance for me to realise it.

Deep Purple - I fucking missed this!!  why?? cos the last time they came Ian Gillian (Their line up has changed over the years and Ian Gillian is my all time favourite of all the lead singers they had)
 didn't make the tour, this time I did check and the members were not listed until 2 days before the concert!  and no one wanted to go with me. I couldn't load the video but go check it out on youtube to listen to Ian screaming in tune!  One of Deep Purples classics!

Two more days of concerts to look forward to..................

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