Saturday, 16 March 2013

rock gods then and now

With all the concerts and getting to see my heroes in the flesh, albeit aging flesh, it got me thinking of what they looked like then.
I remember them when they were youthful and in their prime, strutting their stuff on stage.  Not legends yet, but creating history day by day.  I am part of that generation when music was being discovered and played.
here is my montage of my heroes then and now,

Bob Dylan - He cant sing, we all know that, but his words are magical poetry.  I would not be able to see him perform live as I wouldnt be able to tolerate that reedy voice !

Steve Winwood  joined Spencer Davis Group at 14!  He is now 65.  I will watch him perform live as his voice and music is something I still love.

 My father was appalled that I liked the Rolling Stones.  He thought they were rubbish and I was a silly schoolgirl with unrealistic fantasies about skinny white men with long hair and strange music! I think they should have retired a long time ago, and I wont pay the ridiculous amounts they charge now for their concerts. Their music in the earlier days is what I liked and anything after the early 70's in just sheer indulgence on their part.

Keith Richards deserves 3 pictures though.  (another wild haired skinny guitar playing white man)

Johnny Depp's Inspiration

David Gilmore of Pink Floyd

Another one I would love to go see in concert even now.

    The Who  Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry.  Pete's been having a bit of bad press recently with the child porn thing and I hope that they arent true, cos then he would be off this list! They werent as magical for me as Led Zep or Pink Floyd though

Ian Gillian of Deep Purple.  I have talked about him in the earlier post, but this man could scream in tune.  He cant scream to that pitch anymore but on Tuesday night at the concert  he showed that at 67 he still could sing, snarl and growl like an old rock god!  And if you ask me, he hasnt lost his looks either!

Jimmy Page now
Jimmy Page then
Led Zeppelin, their folksy rock tunes and lyrics have been my companions for so long . They are my all time favourite rock band and to me the greatest band.
With my fetish for guitar playing skinny men with wild hair, Jimmy Page was my ultimate fantasy. He still is!

Robert Plant the showman!  The voice.  I still think he had the best voice in rock.  There was one Grammy's, I was watching, and Plant went on stage and I asked my son who that was!  I didnt recognise the old man he had become....


There you have it, my rock gods!

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