Monday, 25 March 2013

6 days to lift off

I leave on Saturday night for 6 weeks in London
I am excited, and yes a little hesitant as I have quit my job and am going to travel a bit before I sit myself down to think about what I want to do.

In a way its the excitement of the unknown that I like, even though its a bit frightening, it still gives me a buzz.
The job and frankly, my life were both going nowhere.  Is this part of empty nest syndrome?  With the boys all grown up is this where I feel like I have nothing left to do?  Its been 30 years of looking after the kids and nurturing and guiding them along (well mostly) and now I am a little lost as to what my purpose is.

the first drink
on the way to the picnic ground
Its a whole new world out there for me.  The girls (young women that I have worked with for the last 10 years or so) and I got together to officially launch my unemployed status, with our usual bubbles in the park series.  Where we get together in a park with food and champagne. It all starts innocently enough .........

some of us
food & Booze

I love these girls, all of them and some that couldnt attend are the young women that I have enjoyed sharing my professional life with.  Thank you ladies for helping me start my journey!

a not so very stable me waiting for  the cab


  1. Wow, I am seriously behind on my blogroll, you changed the name of your blog!

    PS - that last pic? Been there:)

    1. Yes, didnt like the original name I had on it.

      Oh Yes, been there a bit too many times!!

  2. I hope you're still going to be blogging. Good luck with your trip. xxx

    1. Yes I will still be blogging, will have lots to write about