Tuesday, 12 March 2013

the red coat

So I bought a red coat.

One doesn't need a coat or jacket in Singapore (although our offices and malls are a freezing 18 degrees C) our weather stays the same throughout the year at a wonderfully humid and hot 34 - 29 degrees Celsius.
I do however keep a woollen coat for my travels and its a  black woollen classic cut to the knees coat.   As its going to be spring in London when I go, I thought that the big coat would be too much, but then as we were heading to Inverness and up to the Highlands of Scotland for at least 5 days, I figured I would need to take my coat with me.
On my recent outing and errands day (Saturday) I was wandering around the mall and happened to see a red coat..........
and it has a red hood

Whats wrong with buying a red coat one may ask, well....90% of my wardrobe is black and grey.  I have  the occasional brown, dark blue and singular splashes of red, yellow, orange and recently pink.  Yes singular splashes mean I own one piece of clothing (tshirt or blouse) in that colour.   So for me to go out and buy a coat that's red is well, a big change for me.

Horrors!  I seem to be including colour into my wardrobe!  I wonder if its an age thing?  Do we get fed up of the monotony of black and grey and introduce colour to brighten up fading and aging looks?
something to think about.......


  1. Love it. I wear mostly black, white, and grey myself, but I am a huge fan of one statement piece with color.

    The coat is lovely, perfect for Spring!

    1. Yes it is lovely! I seriously cant wait now to leave on my travels!