Monday, 1 April 2013

Heathrow to kings cross

So the family were a little anxious about me going off into the wild blue yonder for 6 weeks.
Mum was like,  what are you going to do and are you wandering around alone, be careful.
The brother was like, keep warm, London is cold now, wear gloves, scarfs and don't forget your coat, do you have a good coat......

It didn't annoy me, it made me feel loved, suffocated a bit, but loved!

Even my sister in London, bless her, was anxious how I was going to get to Kingscross, well actually one stop after Kingscross, from Heathrow on my own.
From terminal 4 Heathrow, down to the tube station, get on the train and sit with luggage till Caledonian road station.  It was so easy!
Sis wanted to meet me at Heathrow but her alarm didn't go off (the clocks changed that day, went forward an hour ) but from the beginning I told her I could get to Caledonian station on my own.  And the Gods obliged.

The flight was long but once I was at Heathrow, I was all excited to be the big girl all alone on her adventure.


  1. I know i scolded someone.. But i miss you! Come back soon!

    1. Did u scold me?? You have lots of time to miss me, it's only week 1!

  2. I so want to go, but so don't want the long flight. Have fun. xx

    1. Break your journey in Singapore, will be happy to show you around, once I am back of course.