Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Airports & carriers

There this thing about airports, that one loves, or is that just me. everyone is going somewhere, everyone has a destination.
When we were kids we travelled on Singapore's national carrier as dad worked for them and we got free tickets each year. Once we flew the nest, we stopped taking the national carrier as it is one of the more expensive options to fly.
It's been interesting to see how each carrier differs in service, food, drinks and general all round experience.  I am not being biased when I say our national carrier has been one of my favorites and I do look out for specials and will fly it if the price difference is minimal.  Alas the specials don't appear that often and I end up scouring the Internet for cheap flights.
I am a firm believer of you get what you pay for .......
Which brings me to my latest foray into carrier comparing and this time it's Qatar airways.  Pretty decent service, planes were clean, seats big enough (for me anyway) and service pretty good.  Their flight entertainment was excellent, only for the first leg of the journey though.  I had an hour transit which wasn't that much time to see the airport but it was enough time to run to duty free to pick up booze as I couldn't pick up any alcohol from Singapore as one can't bring in alcohol into Doha, even on transit.  Anyway

When i first checked in, in Singapore, I was given a boarding pass with a colour to indicate where I was going once I got to Doha. Each boarding pass would have a different colour, depending on your final destination, it also would indicate which bus you would take to a designated terminal! I mean seriously, was this kindergarten?  Ok ok so the system, primitive as it was, was still effective.  It made sense dealing with so many travelers from different countries and languages to have color codes.

I was a tad disappointed with the airport but then I only had like 30 minutes to take in my surroundings, but I will have a longer layover on the way back so perhaps Doha Airport may just surprise me yet.......


  1. Oh man, I loathe airports!

    Kindergarten or not, I can think of more than a few Latin American countries that could use the color coding system. No one ever seems to know what's going on, including the employees.

    Glad to hear things are going well!

    1. I have been spoilt with airports and because of Dad, I have this rose tinted romantic view of it all!