Saturday, 27 April 2013

Portobello road

What does one do on a weekend in goes to the markets......and so does every other fucking tourist, plus their mother, their grandmother, their sister, kids get the drift I hope.
It was more than crowded.
The markets itself are quaint, interesting and full of treasures with buskers and food dotting the narrow streets.  I would have loved to browse through the shops but because of the crowds, I was getting too flustered and bothered. I did however manage to pick up a couple of porcelain milk jugs and a sugar bowl, plus a pie, a handmade burger, and some veg.
The buskers as usual were fabulous and see first picture, they actually had a Drum kit made out of an old suitcase, and they played the blues.
The other pair, see second picture, looked like old men high on something, playing air guitar to a Led Zeppelin soundtrack! They got 50p for their effort.


  1. Portabello road is a real place?? I'd heard about it, but thought it was fictional. haha!

    1. Yes it's real, they filmed the movie Notting Hill here as that's what the area is called. The bookshop in he movie also exists but it's no longer a bookshop.