Wednesday, 10 April 2013


I love history, love the idea that people lived, breathed, loved and died in the same place I now walk, hundreds of years ago.
I wonder what they were like, how they lived and what they did.  I like the stories of the old kings and queens, the wars and the intrigue.  So this time in London I decided that I would go see the places I missed on my last visits.  I went on one of the London walks tours, to Westminister.
You meet the guide at a selected tube station exit (this time it was exit 4 of Westminister tube station)  and the guide will walk around the selected area, telling stories.  It was enjoyable and informative and I did learn about the buildings and history etc which is what I liked, but because we had to walk around so much and there were so many of us (serves me right doing the tour on a Saturday) I lost focus and missed some of the facts the guide was spouting.
I am planning another walk next week, to listen about the streets and neighborhoods of London, till then here's a picture of Westminister abbey.


  1. Yay, pictures! I guess you got the technical stuff worked out?

    1. I have some of the technical stuff worked out, still can't move the pictures around or add a caption. It's all so beautiful here, so had to post some pictures