Monday, 29 April 2013

I snore!

I have never, for the last 15 odd years or so, slept with a man/ partner/lover.  I just never spent the night.  Which meant that I got used to sleeping on my big queen bed by myself.  I like stretching across the bed and moving around knowing that I am not disturbing anyone else.

When we did events we shared rooms so I can share space but the last event I did which entailed a sharing of rooms, happened in 2010.  Since then I seemed to have developed the inappropriate habit of snoring.....
Here in London, I sleep in the same bed with my sister, who snores like a man ( yes it's gender specific, men snore worse than women).  I tend to be able to sleep anywhere and can fall asleep with lights and TV on in the background, and her snoring really doesn't bother me.  Her partner, has been sleeping on a camp bed next to her, so that's three of us in the same room.  And he said I snore too!!
Not as loud or as often as my sister, but its there, the snore!

I know that as we get older we develop different habits and I have heard that old women snore........if I didn't realize it before, I sure do now......I am getting old!

I am looking forward to going home to have my bed and room all to myself, and I am certain my sister and her partner are keen to have their space back, but in a way I will miss the warmth of another body in bed with me.......


  1. When I snore it wakes me up, which may be a good thing. xxx

    1. Woke me up last night and I was coughing so I realized I was snoring!