Saturday, 20 April 2013

Planes, trains and some sort of automobiles

So we headed out for Scotland yesterday,   We had a 9.30am flight out of Luton airport (I keep singing it, if you remember it, if you are as old and strange as me you would remember the song) and we had to leave the flat at 5.30am to catch the bus on Caledonian road to kings cross, then cross over to St Pancreas Station to catch the train to Luton airport Parkway.  Parkway as the name suggests is the parking lot for Luton Airport and not the airport so we had to get a Shuttle bus from the parkway to the airport
We factored in extra time to catch the buses and trains but somehow we managed to reach each stop to find the bus and train waiting or just pulling into the station, which meant we reached the airport half and hour before the checkin counters opened.
Inverness is quaint, but it is the fastest growing city in Europe (according to the guide) and frankly I could live here! Pictures are of Inverness, Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle which is on the Loch.


  1. It looks lovely.

    I'm so glad you worked out the photo posting issues you were having with the ipad, I'm really enjoying the pics!

    1. So am I, lots of pictures to follow as Scotland is spectacular