Friday, 12 April 2013

The tube

If you want to get around London the best option usually is the tube, it's faster you can get connections to every possible area.
Unless you have delays on the train lines...........
I wanted to do the tube stations this morning, do as in take pictures and wander around the older stations. I sat looking at the tube map and chartered my route but the good thing I did was to also to check the delays on the lines (London is good that way, they have a great communication system to tell the public about train delays). I was closest to the Piccadilly line, which this morning was down due to electrical faults and delays, so I decided to take a bus to the closest central line station at Holborn. When I got to Holborn there were announcements in the station telling commuters that the central line was now closed in both directions due to a person having fallen on the tracks at one of the stations. On asking I was told I could walk to Tottenham Court road station to get onto the Northern Line, which is the line I wanted to get to.

I did manage to get to some of the stations that I wanted to see like the Great Portland Street Station, which opened in 1863 and Baker Street stations which were on the first ever tube line built. There is just something magical about trains and stations and the underground in London is one of my favorite places ever.

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