Sunday, 14 April 2013

Covent garden

Had a day out at covent garden today and I love markets so this sprawling complex of markets was heaven to me. Buskers and food with all sorts of interesting people.
I also met a new friend.  When I first got to London, I joined a site called fishing for a friend for the sole purpose to find a friend to travel with.  I am still hopeful in finding someone to go with me to Jerez for the motogp.
 I did meet Bob, a man in his 50's who was looking for a friend to wander around London with and just to have a chat.
So I met Bob today and we wandered around the transport museum and had lunch and talked for a few hours.  It was nice to have adult conversation with a man with no thought of this meeting being a date or that there would be any sexual undertones to the day at all.
The Transport museum to me, being someone who loves the tube and trains, was one of the best museums I have been to so far, and it being in Covent Garden just made it a perfect day out.
Now only if Bob had been tall dark handsome and available...........


  1. love it, I hear the museums are amazing. xxx

    1. They are! I love Freo market too, saw your pictures, Easter at Freo.

  2. why why why??? why does ur blog delete all my posts to you :(