Friday, 2 November 2012

always late for work

I am finding it increasingly difficult to get out of the house on time every morning.
I am invariably late for work, 4 days out of 5!
That is just not me.  I am up early, usually by 6.30 am every morning and my travel time to work is 30 mins door to door, but I am still late! I procrastinate.  I sit and read the papers and have my coffee and waste time.  I read the blogs I follow, then have to pack my lunch and clean up the place a bit. It takes me a couple of hours to get going and out of the house.
And that's on a good day, and I barely make it to work on time!

What happens when I have a wardrobe meltdown, which happens quite often now as I cant seem to find anything to wear as my dresses don't fit anymore (although A says I should forget dresses and stick to jeans and tshirts as I look nice in jeans but  I cant wear jeans to lunches and cocktails!).  Anyway where was I, ah yes,  what happens when I have a wardrobe meltdown, I am very late for work!
So each morning it is a battle with the wardrobe to see what fits and if I actually want to wear that outfit, and lets not forget accessories and shoes!
Its getting ridiculous. I never used to be this way. I used to have one pair of shoes, one black skirt, one grey skirt, one black pair of corduroy jeans and a few tshirts and shirts.   It was easy getting dressed in the morning as the choice was limited.  But now I seem to have become a typical woman with too many clothes and shoes, and when faced with so many choices, I get indecisive.

Its an on going battle and while work is getting a little more challenging (its just not as boring) I still am not motivated to get my arse in gear and get to work on time!  Maybe I should quit and go live in some remote place where I can grow my own veg and raise a couple of chickens and get out of this fucking materialistic, narcissistic, me first world and I wont have to worry if my clothes and shoes look good enough for cocktails and lunches!  Now there's a thought!!

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