Tuesday, 13 November 2012

does it say sucker on my forehead?

Last night after work I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up dental floss and a couple of other bits.   As usual when in a store that stacks bottles and rows of cheap nail polish and make up, I go glassy eyed and browse through all the stuff I will never use.
This time I did have a purpose, I needed a new eye brow pencil and pink everyday wear lipstick.
I got caught though, by one of those girls that lurk at these counters, waiting for any unsuspecting clueless women to come by and they pounce

helpful miss:  " Hi miss, can I help you"

Me:  Err no just browsing

HM:  You Looking for Lipstick? "  smart girl noticed me testing lipstick colours

I warn you now,  it didn't end well, I ended up buying a palette of pink lipsticks in a small tray, that were too glossy and I am sure in the conversation with the helpful miss, I mentioned matte several times!
She also noticed the eyebrow pencil clutched in my paws and went on to show me her range of pencils - I ended up getting two of those.  Then she started on my dark circles under the eyes, and as we were now bosom buddies, she thought she could mention how dark they were and did I use concealer?  (those that know me, know I don't use any make up except for moisturiser, eye pencil and lipstick, that ends the range of my makeup skills too)
I must have been in a damn good mood as I let her show me how to apply concealer and I even bought a bloody tube.
I thanked her and was about to turn away, when she managed to wrestle my purchases from me and she led me to her 'other' counter to look at the new eye cream range.  I let her give me the full spiel but politely refused any more products ( see I can say no...)  but then she started on something totally different

HM:  Miss how about this product, Its very good you know, its for washing"
Me:  Washing?  Washing what?
HM:  You know washing for women, your private parts
Me:  Washing what!!?
I was by how horrified, how the hell did we go from eye creams to vaginal washes?  Did she detect odour??
I think I sniffed the air just to see if there was any!
 Me:  Er no thanks I don't use this
HM:  its very good you know, must try, I have plenty customers who buy and they say its very good, I also use this!
Wonderful we are comparing notes on feminine hygiene now!
Me:  Er no really but no thanks, I got to go now
HM:  Ok next time then, you come buy and must try this, its really good.

I took another big sniff to just to confirm that I smelt nothing and left.... quickly before she tried to sell me anything else!

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