Saturday, 17 November 2012

another saturday at the supermarket

the weekly shopping ritual of getting all the stuff I need to cook and feed myself and the son

its the usual throng of people pushing, shoving, glaring, grabbing and with kids running around in the aisles and old people strolling through aisles like its a museum visit to enjoy the exhibits.
They annoy me, the make me want to be rude to old people and children, and I don't usually do that but on a Saturday, in a crowded supermarket, I want to hurt someone.

To top it off today I witnessed the art of checkout line hogging.  How does one do that.
One makes sure one goes to the market with 3 people minimum.  Once shopping is done and basket/trolley is full, you pick 3 lines and wait.  You wait and see which of you get to the cashier first then you drag that heavy trolley or basket and hightail it to the cashier.
And to make it all worse, I forgot to buy chocolates, sugar that is required to keep me happy !

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