Sunday, 25 November 2012

the taxi driver

When I started writing this blog, I knew I would eventually have to write about this Singaporean phenomenon.
Taxi drivers, a phenomenon you ask?  Maybe its a world wide phenomenon ( I have used that word, phenomenon, three times in one paragraph and I fucking cant spell it!)
But yes in Singapore they are revered, hated, always in the papers and they can either make or break your whole day.  If you want to know what's wrong with the economy or the government, just ask a Singaporean cabby.

I have had taxi drivers flirt with me, chat me up, yell at me, grumble about the government (most do this) and of course give advice.
My recent adventure was just another normal day out and the taxi driver was very pleasant and started going on about fate, life and stuff and I thought, " oh shit another weird cabby"  but he started analysing me through his rear view mirror.
"I had nice white strong teeth, was I a teacher?  When I speak, people will listen, etc and that I should wear lipstick, it makes my face vibrant"
Me:  But I had a boyfriend who didn't like me wearing lipstick
TD:  You aren't married ( he probably thought, shit middle aged and not married)
Me:  Divorced
TD: When were you born
Me:  1962
TD:  Boyfriend?
Me:  1966
TD:  Aiyah Cannot!!  younger men not good, they only want your body.  He doesn't want anything else.
Me: well that's why he is the ex boyfriend, if he ever was even a boyfriend at all
TD:  You have to find someone born in 1958 or 1959. As we get older, its about sharing that's what we want.

Bloody hell he got it right.  the bit about sharing. That was the main thing missing with A, sharing our lives.
Sigh .... do I now have to get a man's date of birth before I even consider dating him?

Probably not, good to listen to all these soothsayers, fun actually,  but do I want to live my life how someone else thinks it should be?  Good advice I am sure, but I was never any good at doing what I was told.

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