Monday, 19 November 2012

5 ways to get a date when you're 50

  1. Ask your children if any of their friends parents are divorced.
  2. Hang out at the senior centre
  3. Walk past coffee shops (in Singapore coffee shops are not the trendy places to be, but rather the cheap neighbourhood places) in tight dresses to attract the old men that hang out there
  4. Join a senior dating site
  5. Check the obituaries for Widowers
Is that my reality now?  I see older attractive men dating/with women 10 years younger.  I have talked about this before, the ageism in dating.  If older men are dating women 10 years younger, do I need to look at 60 year old's to date now.
I have been out with a couple of them that were 60.
One happened very recently.  He was fussy and boring but with nice manners.  That's the nicest thing I have to say about him. Yes manners matter but so do common interests.  I would hope that the person I meet/date would have at least the same interests as me. Movies, I like watching movies, this last date said he fell asleep during movies, liked boring elevator music (Kenny G and Michael Bolton!!) and only watched Golf on TV!  I felt myself dying inside when he rattled off his interests.  A picture flashed in my mind, of us sitting in front of the TV watching Golf with dinner trays on our knees, boring, staid, old!  The other end of the spectrum is the 60 year old that over does it.  Super fit, tanned and trying to keep up with a younger woman, trying too hard!
The younger man, well not so much younger, about 5 years give or take close to my age - there are some out there that do want to date women around the same age as them. They are harder to find.  Or maybe I am looking in all the wrong places.  If I hung out at places that held my interest, the next man I date would be a motorcycle riding, leather wearing, Tattooed, blues/rock musician with a philosophical outlook on life,  someone that looked like the character Sam Elliot played in the Big Lebowski (the Stranger)  A little messy, a little un-kept.  A little weird 

Where on earth am I going to find  a man like that in sterile Singapore!

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