Monday, 19 November 2012

the new TV

3D LED 46 inches smart TV
Its bloody marvellous, well it would be if I knew how to operate it....

Son no 2 and I went shopping recently for a new TV and we got one that had all the new fangled gadgetry.
You could surf the internet, play youtube on it, stick your thumbdrive in it and watch movies that you download, watch everything in high definition and in 3D.
We even got 2 free pairs of 3D glasses with it!
Now all I need to do is learn how to use all the functions.

 I can switch it on, I know how to switch to the different cable operators ( Singapore is probably the only country where the consumer is the loser with 2 cable operators with 2 different set  boxes, so you have to switch channels on the TV to get different cable stations), and I know how to switch to the DVD channel.  Thats about it, oh wait I do know how to turn the volume up and down!
So its a situation where the smart TV is as smart as the user.....and in my case that would be a not so smart TV.   I am, like many people my age (oh god I am using my age as an excuse), with a phobia about all things high tech.  I refuse to give up my old Nokia phone because I dont want a smartphone (same problem of smartphone vs smart person) but how long can I remain ignorant.
So its lesson time and Son no 2 has promised to walk me through the whole process of going online on the TV and even how to load the movies off the thumbdrive etc etc

So my new 46 inches of glorious wall mounted visually stimulating gadgetry will be my new best friend as I learn which buttons to push and wait for all the delights that it brings. I am already dizzy in anticipation  of watching my music and other documentaries on that 46 inch HD screen,  imagine Jimmy Page and Jack Black (shit I meant Jack White!!)  in High Definition!  So many visual possibilities!!
I wonder if there is 3D porn?

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