Friday, 9 November 2012

online shopping virgin deflowered

I am just like every other woman, I love to shop.
I love walking through shops and stores to see the new and enticing displays of things I dont need but want.
My favourite is of course any shop that has knick knacks and interesting things for the home or kitchen.  I can browse for hours looking at  new bakeware, cooking utensils, teapots, bathroom accessories, anything with candles.  I can browse for hours!

 I still like walking through a store and touching things and feeling each item.  Clothes and shoes are something I need to try on before I buy.  So the whole online thing hasnt really got me that excited.  However, I recently had my first foray into the world of online shopping.  I bought 2 dresses.
They haven't arrived yet, which is another mark against online shopping for me, as it has been 4 weeks since I made the order, and I still haven't received my purchases.  I wait expectantly for my purchases to arrive, I track the bloody parcel on the website, I cant wait to touch and feel the dresses and of course to try them on to see if they fit.  The waiting is what is killing the whole experience.
 I like to bask in the afterglow of a shopping trip.  You get home all tired and happy, then make a cup of tea and sift through the bags, going through all your purchases, trying on the clothes again just in case. It just makes the whole experience.
 So perhaps online shopping is not for me, perhaps I should confine myself to the real experience of shopping in the real world.....

And what do I do, I go online again but this time buy books.............

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