Tuesday, 27 November 2012

too rude to be paid or not interesting enough

My sole intention when I started writing this blog was an outlet for all the voices in my head.  To put thought and weird rumblings on paper/computer.  That is why I chose blogger.com (and because getting a domain name then registering it and creating a website was beyond my limited knowledge)
Then slowly as people began to notice my blog (or was it just that I was shamelessly promoting myself ) I got all excited as I watched the stats go up.
So I thought yes, perhaps I could make a little extra money from this.
But no, my hopes were dashed.  My dreams of being world famous and earning a living by writing on this, my electronic head space, were cruelly snatched away from me when blogger.com's adsense rejected my blog, as their specialists don't think I meet their criteria.

My first rejection....... painful.
I did wonder what their criteria was, and If I should try to be more politically correct and write about fashion or restaurant reviews or that sort of 'normal' stuff and not use the word fuck so often. I actually thought about that for a whole fucking minute, then thought..... Fuck this.
I need to learn how to set up my own website

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