Sunday, 4 November 2012

river rafting..... me??

One part of the job I do like is that I get to visit places and stay in 5 star hotels way beyond my holiday budget will allow. This time I got to go to Kota Kinabalu and the whole 4 days are hosted by the hotel and the Sabah Tourism.  Its awesome.  they spoil you, take you around and I get to see a city that they want to showcase and attract meetings and seminars.
So far so good until we went rafting on the river.
I don't swim, didn't learn as a child and haven't bothered to learn it as an adult either, so off we went and I was determined to do this.
7 of us in a dingy, 2 of them were the river masters, more like fucking river comedians, as they thought capsizing the fucking dingy was hilarious.  Well they weren't laughing when they saw the other dingy hit me in the head and I went under.
If there was a class on how to drown, I would pass with flying colours.  During the safety briefing and the what to do should we capsize, I paid attention, close attention, but when it happened, I didn't retain a single coherent thought, I went under very quickly even with a life jacket on, then you stop panicking and actually remember what the river masters (comedians) told you and you think it will be ok, until the other fucking dingy hits you and drags you under it!!
So for a novice on the water, it was not  the best introduction one could have on the river, but it sure as hell was alot of fun!

UPDATE:  you know how 'they' tell you that you can drown in a few inches of  water, well I realised after the fact that I could in some bizarre accidental way, have drowned that day. Post accident realisation !!

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