Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Terminal 1 Sydney airport

So the flight wasn't so bad, well technically I am 3/4 of the way done so lets not jinx it but.......
The flight was pretty smooth and service was good.  Food not so good, I swear it was the same  meal that I had the last time I flew from Singapore to Australia on qantas. Cardboard chicken with some cranberry sauce and rice crispie crackers.  Breakfast was orange juice and rice crispie crackers again......thank goodness I brought my GF muffins with me.

What is interesting though is the security checks that we have to go through as we get off the flight and make our way to the gates for our next flight.  What do they think we managed to pick up or hide in our bags as we walked off one plane and into the departure area for the next flight?
We left from a secure area, enter into another one and are still put through the scanners (this scanner was like a pod where you stand in and put your hands up....a first for me and yes not all the passengers had to go through this, I as usual was randomly selected)

Another interesting thing was the A$3.25 I paid for a bottle of water.....

Free wifi in the airport is a blessing so I shan't complain further, but will sit back and relax and surf the net, eat my muffin and drink expensive water......


  1. We had to go through the whole exit the plane and go through security thing last time we were in Latin America. The thing I found most odd about it was that we weren't actually switching planes - but they made us get off and go through the whole rigamarole again.

    1. Strange....and they really treat you bad, like you mus have done something wrong!