Friday, 5 July 2013

Walking through the redwood forest

So my Uncle that lives in New Zealand is and has been as long as I can remember, always inclined towards the outdoors, healthy living and exercise.

In New Zealand what does one do, one embraces nature and does activities based on the stunning landscape that is New Zealand.   A five minute drive from Rotorua centre is a red wood forest, which is where we ended up yesterday evening.

The air was so clean and crisp that my lungs were in shock for a full minute as they couldn't understand that what was being breathed in to them was just pure clean air.....oxygen overdose!
I probably will get really healthy here and expire on return to the smog that is Singapore!


  1. How did you enjoy Rotorua's natural pungent smell. When we took Brittany to visit several years ago, she still to this day talks about the aroma of the springs, never forgotten. We spent many holidays in Rotorua, I hope you make it to Tauronga.

    1. Am staying at my uncle's motel which is on lake road, away from the smells! Have been here before and done the sulphur pools! Lovely!!
      Tauronga? Will have to check it out.