Sunday, 14 July 2013

flirting with the man on a harley

one of the Hot rods
So this weekend we had a few motoring enthusiasts stay at the motel.
the Hot Rod club, the vintage car club and a group on their Harleys.

The harley men and one woman rider, had stayed here before and they knew we had an old shed where they could park the bikes at night.  So this morning  I opened the shed for them to get their bikes and as I have embraced the open and chatty way of life, I got talking to one of the guys and I dont know what it is but a man with a Bike between his legs, in leathers ......well what can I say, the need to flirt instinctively appears....

another Hod rod club member
Its a pity the vintage club didnt bring their cars into our lot and I only managed to get a couple of pictures of the Hot rod club members cars.

the Harleys leaving


  1. Haha! So you like a man on a motorcycle, huh? Right before I left Texas a few weeks ago there was a giant rally. Bikers everywhere! And on manly motorcycles, Harleys and whatnot.

    1. Am more partial to the racing bikers, the motogp variety. The big Harley's are nice to look at and to listen to the sound the engines make but for sheer speed and elegance as they go round corners, the racing bikes are spine tingling.