Tuesday, 23 July 2013

one week to go

Its been three weeks, that I have been here at the motel.  I still love it, I still can see myself doing this for the rest of my life.
I still love New Zealand and I still want to be able to stay here (even knowing that this country has a very thin earth crust and prone to earthquakes) but who knows where my future lies.

Next week, my friend (female and someone i used to work with....just saying) and I go to Wellington, which has just had an earthquake off its coast and is assessing the damage done, then we take a rail journey up to Auckland and then up to the Bay of Islands.  Our little trip around NZ before we fly home to Singapore on the 7th of August.

One week left to deal with people, who I have found to be nice, nasty, sweet ( like the old couple from the South Island that take off every year in July to drive around and see where the car takes them) honest and yes the dishonest (people who turn up with likely stories of the ridiculous prices we quoted them) but generally I have found that people are pretty decent.  I have realised that I can interact with people and I can make small talk......if I want to.  One week left to enjoy Rotorua. 

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  1. We honeymooned in the Bay of Islands, how are you liking the narrow roads? You will be driving along lots of cliffs going North (don't look down), good luck. Pretty frightening the earthquakes in Wellington. my heart goes out to them, it must be just frightening. xxx