Friday, 19 July 2013

Master key

I have a master key, it unlocks everything on the property including all the guest rooms, the linen room, the laundry and any padlock.  As long as its locked, the master key can open it.

I have established my daily routine of setting up the linen changes for the checkouts and the room cleaning/service the night before and in the morning its folding towels that are in the drying room, opening the staff kitchen, the laundry room and the linen room, then its feed the cat, and the birds ( my uncle feeds the wild birds in the garden) and check the mineral pool temperature.  message the housekeepers that we need for the day, Then it's the recording of room and guest numbers for statistics,  then it's getting out the registration forms for the checkouts for the day.  All this i do only if my uncle isn't in, if he is around the work is shared.

Checkouts are easy but the mornings are usually hectic with laundry, we wash towels in house only, and there can be lots depending on the number we have in each unit.  It's washing, hanging  the towels which include, floor mats, hand towels, pool towels, dish cloths and tea towels. It's a good thing the sheets and pillow cases are outsourced! 

All that and man the reception,  answer the phone and take bookings, again, chores are shared if my uncle is around.
It's quite an interesting job/vocation/living but it takes a couple of people to run it.  It's a 7 days non stop till night time work and you need to have a partner you trust and can depend on.

One good thing has come out of this though apart from the fact that I love this and can see myself doing it, is the fact that the running around and hanging towels has been good, I have lost weight and my bye bye arms have firmed up........and of course having the master key that opens all doors!