Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hamurana springs.....the wonder of nature

So we went walking again, this time to Hamurana Spring.  Its close enough to the town of Rotorua, which the locals pronounce differently and sounds so much better than when we say the name of the town.....  But anyway, like everything around lake rotorua, Hamurana Spring is just another lovely nature walk with a spring where people go to make wishes.  The picture below is of the spring, it doesn't look like it but that is all under water, a clear softly rippling spring and stream...... Coming from polluted Singapore where we don't get nature walks like this, no clear streams, no pure oxygen in the air, this has been a real treat!
The spring....that black hole on the right...

sunset at hamurana spring, with the moon in the background
couldn't resist a black & white of the trees
looking up through the trees
redwood trees in New Zealand
the water is so clear!


  1. How divine, I bet you are breathing in all the fantastic air. xxx Rae