Friday, 12 July 2013

it takes all sorts

I always prided myself on being fair and non discrimitory (is that even a word?)
but is it discrimination if I discriminate against people who are of the same race as me?

Well I had a bit of a scene this morning with the Indian family that checked in yesterday.  we charge by the number of people and this family blatantly lied when they said only 4, when there were 8 of them (four were hiding in the van) .  On my lock up walk around the property checks last night, I found 8 of them in the pool with the two men having their beers in bottles.  Now we all know no glass by the pool as once glass breaks in the water, someone will get hurt and we have to fucking drain the whole pool.
So very politely I informed them that
1.  No visitors were allowed in our pool only motel guests ( i was assuming that the other 4 were their visitors, giving them the benefit of the doubt)
2.  No glass bottles, no food or drinks by the pool, they obviously missed the sign on the pool gates.

They did get a little annoyed but I 'helped' them by moving the beer bottles back to their room patio and they then vacated the pool.

Now we all knew that 8 people were staying in the unit so this morning I approached them as they were packing the car and politely, seriously, I was polite, informed them that they needed to pay for the extra 4 guests.  Well lets just say that the woman was very rude, I was told off about bad service, no kettle in the unit and they were going to inform the owners (my uncle & aunt, who are away on a long overdue holiday) how rude I was and they werent going to pay, and were never coming back to the motel again( good riddance I say)

well what was I to do...... I told them to vacate immediately (it was 9am) if not I was going to call the police and I was going to send a circular to all the motels about them..........

On the other hand, one of the other families that checked out left our feedback form with an excellent rating for service, room, cleanliness, and us being so nice........

I have lots to learn about people and how to deal with the nasty ones but it certainly takes all sorts.............


  1. I love how you handled that situation, the comment about sending a circular to other motels is brilliant. They know they have done wrong, I hate people who aren't honest xxx

    1. I got 2 emails from other motels regarding other terrible guests, one in a van with 20 people asking for two rooms to sleep a total of 8.

  2. woohoo!!! good job, rock on in NZ too. :)