Thursday, 11 July 2013

The people, the accents, the idiots

So one thing in New Zealand that I have to get used to is the accent.  They pronounce words differently.
Six is Sux and this is thus .....

what makes it worse is that I have to talk numbers often with room rates and credit card numbers (its a wonder how people happily give out credit card details!!) and sometimes I have to listen really hard to understand the numbers they are giving me.
oh and they call an electrician,  sparky, postman is a postie, bricklayer a chippie! 

I have met alot of different people here while sitting at the front desk of the motel.  families, truckies, couples from the US, Australia, a group of giggling girls from South Korea, a whole bunch of interesting people.
I checked in a man who wanted a room for the night and when he filled up the registration form I realised he lived in Rotorua, ah a secret assignation.... my uncle said that he was a regular and he and his girlfriend would check out later that night....well at least someone was getting laid.

Then there were the family of Indians, 4 people they said, in a 2 bedroom unit......they pulled up in a van and later I saw 4 more people climb out of it......we charge extra for more people.  and yes it had to be the Indians doing this. and to top it all off all 8 went into the lovely heated pool......why!!  why did it have to be the indians!!
So its been interesting and this weekend is going to be full with new guests....lets hope no more stupid sorts check in...

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